Friday, December 7, 2018

Holiday mixers and contests - Christmas Bingo (weekly game/contest)

Christmas Bingo 

A holiday twist on a classic game for which there are a wide selection of printable cards online with Christmas words and images in place of numbers. Your DJ will serve as caller and make things a bit more fun by showcasing their humor and personality while telling jokes and sharing funny stories between each call.

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Holiday mixers and contests - Name that Christmas Carol & Next line please (weekly game/contest) Bonus 2

Name that Christmas Carol

The name of the game says it all, and it couldn’t be more perfectly suited to the talents of a professional disc jockey. The DJ may choose a five to ten second snippet somewhere in the middle of the song or simply start at the beginning and play as much of the song as necessary before one of your guests correctly identifies it. You can give extra credit if the guest can name both the song and the artist performing it. To increase the level of difficulty, you can ask your DJ to play snippets of unconventional or alternative recordings of famous holiday classics. Rest assured, all the best professional DJs will be well versed on several different recorded versions of any popular holiday song you can name.

Next Line Please 

This is another fun game utilizing Christmas carols. The DJ will begin to play a chorus or verse from a famous Christmas classic stopping each track halfway through a verse or chorus at which point your guests will provide the next line. Extra points can be awarded for actually singing the next line rather than just speaking it.

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Monday, November 26, 2018

The Hokey Pokey & Create a Dance - The Final Weekly Line Dance

For our Finale of the weekly line dance series we will give you a bonus of 2 dances, The Hokey Pokey & Create a Dance.

Hokey Pokey 

  1. Have guests form a circle. 
  2. Have them follow the commands of the song.

Create - A - Dance

Creating a dance is simple. Choose 4 different dance moves and repeat them 4 times. Then repeat those steps. For Example: 

  • Head bop 4 times left 
  • Head bop 4 times right 
  • March in place 4 times 
  • Clap 4 times 

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Friday, November 23, 2018

Holiday mixers and contests - Lottery Ticket Giveaway (Weekly Game/Contest)

Buy a couple of Holiday themed scratch lottery tickets, place a business card on each chair and put a number on the back of each business card. During dinner ask everyone to check their card, if they have the one with the number you call on it they could win up to (whatever the top prize is on the ticket you bought). Ask the winner to come forward. Have them scratch off the card while you wait, and emcee it. If they.... win GREAT! If not tell everyone to hold on to their card because there is going to be another drawing later. If you have another drawing that's fine, if you don't then your card is in their pocket.

Try this for any party or occasion.